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Welcome Jim Varney Fans!  I have listed many letters from the fans, as well as Jim Varney's relatives. I sincerely hope these many letters convey to you the love and joy that Jim and his character, "Ernest P. Worrell" brought to and still gives  MILLIONS! We will add on more letters as they come in.

I am the great niece of Mr.. Byrge. My grandmother was his sister. I make free quilts and funny faces on you tube... love and kisses uncle sir, earl Kennedy's daughter, jennifer kennedy quilts. lookin up my people, and thinkin bout seein ernest goes to jail with my grandma and her saying about "bobby" "he is no different from when I changed his diapers." My father passed this year june 10. bill byrge's big sister's oldest son, earl, was my daddy. most people round here just want a free quilt Please let my uncle know that I made one for his sister, my grandma, but she passed while I was making it. I want to quilt for my uncle. I'd love to use some old shirts with his pictures on it if fans could hook me up. My nephews love their great great uncle and I have to make them a quilt. love uncle's line from ernest scared stupid, proof? my grandma named her youngest son ernest . . . . .kills me it's that funny love Jennifer kennedy

I wish the site had more of Jim and less of Ernest. I was originally in NM - Whitesburg, KYI. I remember Jim from the Nexus Coffeehouse, sponsored by the Newman Center, at the University of Kentucky in Lexington in 1966-67, where we both performed. he was a gawky, geeky teenager with incredible mimicry talent - as well as being totally off the wall. my brother and I loved watching him rise in fame, and both mourned his passing. I just found this website and wanted to add my tribute to an old friend. . . . Judy Adkins Hill

I am Jim Varney's sister, Sandy McKinney. Very nice site. Catchy title! I am from Lexington, KY. My sister, Jake McIntyre and I are writing Jim's biography, JIM VARNEY "Behind the Rubber Face" We would love to hear from anyone who has a story to tell us about Jim, especially during the California period of his career. God bless you all for your dedication to Jim. He thought you were pretty special also.

nice site. could be easier to read. Bill Byrge told me about it. I live near Nashville, Tennessee. I knew Bill Byrge for a long time before he became a movie STAR. We used to go to lots of movies. He worked at the Public Library of Nashville and Davidson County for many years and has been retired for the last few years. . . . Robert Stone

Very Nice site. Bruce Almighty Was Written With Jim Varney In Mind. he would have been perfect. . . . . Vince . .

Always loved this site. A dear friend of Jim's is with Jim today in heaven. His name was Chris, he was 25, and was one of the people who helped care for Varney during his battle with cancer. Please lift Chris' and Jim's loved ones in your prayers, as their grief is a heavy burden at this time. We still miss Varney so.. . . Myra Robbins

Thanks alot billy! And by the way i think your doin Jim Varney proud by running this website and keeping his character Ernest alive. Kids of this generation should be able to see the ernest movies and enjoy them.

Dear Mr Dee: I have alwas been a fan of Jims (Ernest), and am most pleased to hear he gave his heart to Jesus Christ. Thank you in Jesus name, Karl

Billy, I recently discovered your site and loved it. I always will be a fan of Ernest, my grandmother had me watching his movies as a child. She was a big church going lady and always believed most movies and tv shows were evil. Ernest and the Cosby show were the only things she would watch. So, I grew up with Ernest as we all did. I love what you are doing and from the bottom of my heart I wish we had Jim back. It makes me sad to know Ernest will never make another film, but he will always live in my DVD player. I am also a film maker currently in school and I see that you are working in the films. So if you need any help making your ideas come to life, there is a huge fan of Jim Varney waiting to help you out. I live in Knoxville, TN and have never had the pleasure of meeting anyone from the Ernest movies. I read about Bill having heart problems, this makes me sad as well, please send him my love and prayers. I guess in closing, I will say God bless you and your family. Thanks for listening. P.s. Ernest Goes To Camp is my all time favorite. "Never forget Ernest, the children still need him" -- Travis D. Southern Creative Productions

Hello Billy Dee,I was perusing your web-site, and just wanted to thank you for the tribute to Jim Varney. My family and I have always loved his movies, and we have been so sad since he died. We always longed for the next one to come out so we could watch it over and over, but God has obviously had other plans. I want to thank you also for the testimony to the Lord Jesus Christ-it is a joy to know we will see Jim again in eternity, as we too are born-again christians! Thank God for His love, and also for sharing the gospel with others who visit your web-site. I knew Jim just had to be a christian with the love and humor in his movies! God Bless. Tim

Billy,Hey that will be fine to put it on yore web site, but you gotta wait till after April 9, know what I mean???  So I went from being Ernest to Vern........that's interesting.....oh well.   Billy you're a funny guy and quite a bit of Jim must have rubbed off on you.  By the way, they called me Billy when I was a little boy.  They also called me "Billy Bee" because I got stung by bees on my hand and foot and would blow hard on the sting to cool it off.  Now I go by Bill, but every once in a while my oldest brother (he's 20 years older than me) calls me "Billy Boy".   Don't like it very much, but older brothers can get away with that.   Only my dad and mom were allowed to call me "Billy" as far as I'm concerned.   Anyway, Billy is a fine name.  When I was in the US Air Force, I knew a fellow from North Carolina, a good ol' boy named Jerry Cribb.  He had the NC lingo down pat.  He would say, like they were used to saying in NC, "Hey, here comes Bill the Bob's boy!"   Meaning that here comes Bill, and his dad's name was Bob.  Too funny.  I'm sure there are similar things in KY and TN.  where you and Jim have been hanging out. Good to correspond with you Billy, and let's keep it going. Remember, after April 9 it's ok.  If I show up on YouTube before then, or geez, even for me as I know it now will never be the same again.  Know what I mean? Kindest regards, Bill Steevens

WOW! I knew you were funny, but i never knew how much hard work you did to keep the word of our Lord alive and going!! I think it is great what you do, and even though i have not always been the best follower to God, i really do try!! Even more so now at 27, then when i was in my early 20s!! I appreciate the long letter and read it just now, as i opened my email and just scene it!! I feel as if you and this letter are a sign; A sign to just no matter what keep the faith and i will not be alone in my spiritual journey. And here i was thinking (but didn't actually ask) Man i wish i could get a sign from God just saying, "Hey Dave, here i am", and i feel as if in a way he has done that threw you!! lol, Who would of thought that just by going to a beloved movie Webb site, that i would have got sooo much more than just Movie Memorabilia from one of my all time favorite movie franchise!! I Feel as if i got a little conformation today, and that's Awesome!! I Admire you for the fact that you came from Not only good times in your life, but also struggles and hard times being you having debilitating pain, Being Broke at times and just things not going as well as you may have liked, and you were still able to push threw and fight the pain, and keep the faith in God!! i just hope that God blesses you and Billy and keeps you guys living to a healthy ripe old age of 115, so you may carry on your journey of delivering the faith and healing people with you laughter!! You guys are sooo funny and and i just hope that your health gets much better, and that when its time for god to bring you and billy home, that he have a special place in heaven right there next to Jim, enjoying eternal bliss....cause God knows... you guy deserve it!!!! Well, i don't want to make you read too much so in closing i will just say.... Good luck to you and your side kick Billy and i wish yous the best, and Please stay in contact, as i like hearing what you have to say, and the stories you tell. Hope fully you guys are able to keep makin movies and if i think of any good ideas for a movie, i will surly pitch them your way, lol (lol, mean laugh out loud, lol). Thanks gain for taking the time out of you busy day to write such a long, compelling, heartfelt letter, it lets me know that you guys really appreciate you fans and that you really have the power of God and Jesus on your side!!!! And Tell Billy I said HI!! lol. So Until next time, god bless and good luck to you in life, health, faith, and eternal happiness!!   p.S.- Feel free to write me any time about anything, and please keep me posted on future projects, whether it be, film, faith, or if you just wanna shoot the poop!! You are always welcome as far as I'm concerned to keep me as an Internet buddy to talk to, as i think i have made a new friend, lol! have a great one Billy Dee, and may the Lord walk with you and Ernest (Jim) walk with you and billy Always and forever!!!!   Regards,Dave...

Dan Wardark wrote: Thanks for the reply :( I am still feeling heavily down and depressed over all of this really. I saw your new video up and it was very funny. I love you two guys as the main actors :). Reminded me a little bit about Jim. I want to get one of those cool pin packages that come with something you purchase. I dont have a credit card or anything yet though :-\. I will plan on donating/buying some movies off of your shop to... It would mean a lot to have something that I could keep close to my heart and think of it as his...

Hey Dee, My name is Dan I am a huge Ernest fan and I am only 20 years old. I use to watch all of Jim's movies all the time and I always loved watching them, he was my ICON growing up. Something that made my heart filled with joy in his funny movies. I found out he had passed away in 2000 and it absoloutly broke my heart to were I was in tears. My childhood dream was to meet Jim... his friends/fellow actors also contributed to the way I felt about things. They always brought a big smile on my face. I feel so heartbroken about this to think that my Ernest has passed away just brings me to tears everytime. I dont even know what to do about it. It really caught me so offguard :(. The one thing that made me laugh most was the thing he did with his lips. THAT was magical.

Hello!   My daughter Kelsey and I found your wonderfull site and want to thank-you for keeping Jim's spirit alive. She wants to join the fan club and also order the Ask Ernest book, if it is still available. She has every movie he made,(I beleive), thanks to EBAY. As a matter of fact I think I bid against you for one.... We have many of his TV shows on VHS and we ended up with an extra Magic one, which I would like to donate to you, if you want it. Kelsey is dressing up as Ernest tomorrow for the school Halloween party. For your information, she's 16 and has a mild form of Autism and Jim's character of Ernest, with his never give up attitude has helped her through the many trials of her life. When she especially has a hard time, she talks to her Ernest doll and he "helps" her.  I pray Jim knows how much he means to her, me and countless others. Please advise me of  how to proceed and again thank-you so much. Susan Duffy (mom) and Kelsey Taylor

Hi Billy! I had the pleasure of working with Jim Varney's Voice Tracks (as Ernest) for about 12 years when he was doing commercials for Cerritos Auto Square in Southern California. Morgan/Frey Advertising was the ad Agency. I was the editor/Mixer/Producer of all the radio spots and TV audio. The agency would make regular trips to Nashville to do the TV spots, and record all the VT for the Radio (John Cherry was involved). Just before Jim died, I had put together a short creative piece featuring a few of Ernest's 1-liners.....and I have wanted to share it with John Cherry, but I have no idea whatever became of him (or Cardin & Cherry). I've attached the audio piece as an .mp3, and if you can't get it to John, maybe you'll put it on your web site. Please let me know if you do. Thank you, Dave Louis  Audio Images (formerly in Irvine, CA for 25 years)

I was reading over the 'Set Free' page on your site and I am glad to see that the Jim Varney fan site is also run by a Christian.  I am curious, you mention that Jim was a born-again Christian too.  Where did you hear that?  Was it an interview or something?  I had been wondering that for a long time.  After giving my life to Christ in June 2003, I often wondered about some of the musicians and celebrities I had grown up loving whether they were Christians or not too.  Jim's career had held a special place in my life.  I grew up in the 80's when the Ernest films were probably hands down my favorite movies on the other side of Masters of the Universe.  I remember watching Ernest Goes to Camp probably a hundred times when it came out on home video.  I was a huge fan.  But after being born-again myself, I was curious about whether or not Jim was too.  His films were never racy or inappropriate and even at times there were references to God and other religious themes.  But when I read that part in your testimony, I breathed a sigh of relief.  Anyhow, thank you again for your work on the Jim Varney fansite and keep up the good work!  God bless!

One of these days you should interview my cousin Jaqi.....she was married to Jim Varney for a number of years. They attended Lafayette high school together and then later when they reconnected and married they started playing at local pubs and what not which included my parents own basement and to which I still have the pictures to prove as much. My cousin Jaqi has remained quiet throughout the years regarding Jim however.  She was as creative as he and actually some of his early material was from her influence. Jim and Jaqi lived upstairs for a while at our grandmothers home and if you could ask Jim he would tell you my Grandmother "Hubba" was the finest country cook EVER!!! I recall from time to time Mr. Cherry, Jim's agent, calling my grandmothers house and asking to speak to Jim so I would have to go upstairs, usually wake them up, even though it was late afternoon. We really didn't think he was ever going to amount to much at the time......little did we know. Jim and Jaqi also lived in Versailles, Ky in a very nice place tucked away in the woods.....they also lived for a time near the beach in Ft Meyers, Florida and then in Van Nuys, California where he began his film career.....before then moving back to Tennessee. I was able to visit a few times at their home in Whitehouse while passing thru. It wasn't long after their move back to Tennessee however that my cousin and Jim divorced. But on to better memories of Jim....I remember like it was yesterday drawing his name out of the hat 2 years in a row for Christmas presents at my Uncle Homer's and Aunt Emmy's place, which was Jim's father and mother in law at the time. I can also still recall what I bought year it was a large "Bowie" style knife and another his favorite scotch...."Pinch" brand. I remember he explained why the bottle was triangular in shape......he was quite intelligent to say the least. I was fortunate to enjoy several last conversations with Jim towards the end of his was when we crossed paths at Charlie Browns Restaurant in Chevy Chase in Lexington, Ky....we sat down on a couch and talked about life and about the past for several hours.  There are several Jim Varney musical recordings out there that very few people know about......that is where my cousin Jaqi comes into the picture and why you should contact her......she wrote the songs he recorded.....I might add several are amazing. I hope this information helps regarding a fine person and even more so an incredible talent that we can still treasure in his films. Jeff "Sonny" Collins

Billy,Just one note, my name is spelled Jarrett (just thought i would tell you, due to the fact that I will likely order things in the future, and I want them to get to me. Now, let me just say, I honestly in my heart knew you were not out to profit from the site, as it doesn't take a genious to see that and I was hurt by the comments made by Jane, who, if she had taken a moment to read through the site would have understood the true intentions. I will continue to support the site at every opportunity and hope it remains around for a long time. To be honest Billy.... from the depths of my heart, I have suffered depression for years and Ernest always made me feel better and as such, your site is very uplifting for me and I hope more content is added soon. Its good work you are doing and i salute you for it, and I appreciate the note you sent me and hope you have a great future. best wishes as always Jarrett Fullerton

I'm another "kid" who never grew up.  I taught 4th grade for 35 years.  I LOVED Jim Varney, and I feel truly that he was an authentic genius.  HIS humor could send me tumbling offa my chair and onto the floor in gales of laughter.  I TAUGHT with humor, and was at times as "silly" and "nonsensical" as "Ernest". The kids LOVED it!  I showed MANY "Ernest" Movies in class, on Friday afternoons, before vacations, and as rewards for good grades and good behavior. But I love Jesus more!  I'm glad that you used Mr. Varney as a "seed" to write the  beautiful TRUTH.  Just to say thank you for your wonderful website.  Many kids of today do not know anything about Mr. Varney and his "Ernest Films", but there are many ADULTS who recall enjoying Mr.Varney's movies, and many of these people who do not yet know Jesus WILL come to know HIM through your website!  I never knew that Mr. Varney had come to Christ, and only learned that through YOU!  God Bless you!

Dear Billy Dee. I have been and always will be a huge fan of Jim Varney.  I understand that a void has been created with his loss and has yet to truly be filled.  I formally submit my thought for the perfect candidate to recreate the feelings and thoughts that the late Jim Varney gave so many.  Mike...I don't know his last name, from "Dirty Jobs", and he now is the spokesman for FORD TRUCKS, would be a perfect match.  Contact his agent, and maybe, just maybe, we can have Ernest movies on the rise once more.  Lord knows the kids these days, need another Ernest P. Worrell...the great redneck hope.

Hello Billy,my name is Anna,and I am a singer/songwriter from the Philadelphia area.I have done writing for a famous musician named Chubby Checker.Ironically,his true name is "Ernest!"I guess I just felt compelled to contact you, in regards to Jim Varney.He has been in my mind and heart,for a very long time now,and I still grieve terribly over loosing him.My son's dad also passed away a bit ago,and it impacted this family more then I can express.My son's dad was Danny Rapp.He was the leader of the band called "Danny and the Juniors."They had such hits out as,"At the hop,Twistin USA and Rock and Roll is here to stay."If you like the "Oldies,"I'm sure you may remember them.Anyway Bill,my son and I decided,to make the trip to Kentucky,to visit Jim's grave.We want to see the sites out there,and maybe catch a few of the bands playing in the area we''ll be lodging at.Just seeing where Jim grew up, will be a very touching experience for us.My son is grown now,but this love for Jim just carries on and on.If there is anything we can do to help you with Jim's web site, please let  us know.We will be departing from Phila.on Aug.10,arriving in Lexington the same day,then returning home on the 12th.Our motel is 4 mins.from Jim's grave, and we'll basically be in the heart of the town.I hope to hear from you,as we have someone in common, that we both miss, and love very much.No-one, will ever replace him,but The Lord has given us each other to lean on.We don't want to see Jim's memory,ever fade away,and if there's anything we can do,to help you see that it doesn't,we would be happy and blessed to be a part.Bill,take care and God Bless,Love and Prayers always,Anna.

Hello, I just visited your site. Very good job and I loved the part for Christ... God is Good. All the Time.. May God Richly Bless you and Your loved ones and Keep You Safe.... In His service David Moore Dallas, TX Jim Varney fan

John Rodriguez If How did you like this site?:I love it. its great and i hope to see it improve and that it last.Any special comments?:R.I.P. Jim VarneyHow did you find this Web Site?:I googled Jim VarneyWhere are you from?:Hobart, IndianaI Would Like To Hear From You?I would just like to say Jim varney was a hell of a guy. He was so funny, unique and caring. He touched so many people including me. Just an all out special person that didn't have to go out like

Pam Any special comments?:Ernest Saves Christmas is the BEST Christmas movie ever made!!!!!Where are you from?:LouisianaI Would Like To Hear From You?Every Christmas we pull out the movie and watch it. My daughter makes me laugh whenever she quotes the whole scene when Ernest is sneaking Santa into the studio lot. When he tells

alex How did you like this site?:greatHow did you find this Web Site?:googleWhere are you from?:wvI Would Like To Hear From You?i loved ALL the Ernest movie i always have always will. My dad can do impressions of Ernest it makes me laugh. Jim Varney was my all time favorite actor. Jim Varney even looked like my dad. Rest In Peace Jim Varney i will NEVER EVER forget you.

Stacy How did you like this site?:Great!!!How did you find this Web Site?:I already know about itWhere are you from?:Clanton, ALI Would Like To Hear From You?I wasn't able to get onto my computer yesterday. I wanted to say: "Happy Birthday, Mr. Jim Varney. You would've been 62. But you still live on in our hearts.

Stacy Avary How did you like this site?:love itAny special comments?:Jim reminded of 'Jeremiah'.How did you find this Web Site?:GoogleWhere are you from?:Clanton, AlabamaI Would Like To Hear From You?"If you look for me in earnest. This is a wonderful site. I've been a fan of Mr. Varney's for over 26 years. I still remember his Sprite and Mello Yello commercials fondly and I'm the type that doesn't like commercials. It just goes to show you how magnetic and geniune Mr. Varney was. I used to be a heavey smoker and drinker and I thank God I quit those before it was too late. I have an illness that can be likened to cancer and smoking and drinking was the worst things I could do to myself. I became a Christian 6 years ago and it's been hard road for me because I was the party girl. I have great support from my parents and siblings. I'm even more closer to God now because of Mr. Varney. I credit my parents and Jim for keeping me on God's path. I blog about Jim regularly because I don't want people to forget him. "Jim Varney, a.k.a. 'Ernest P. Worrell', was, IMO, the epitome of decency. While Hollywood kept spewing forth one immoral film after another, Jim walked a much different path. A path in which ridicule and negativity followed. But, what did Jim do? He stayed true to himself. This alone shows you the kind of faith he had and what a benevolent heart and soul he carried with him. Call him humble; call him a sweetheart; call him lovable. He was all of these things. But I must add one more things that I think rings so true. I call him an angel. Yes, we all have our bad days and Jim had them, too, but it did not make him seem 'less than' in my eyes. Deep down in the bottom of my heart, I believe that Ernest was Jim's true calling. I'm grateful he never strayed too far and for too long from Ernest because he had something special with him. There was a light that radiated from his eyes that was brighter when he portrayed Ernest than with any other character. If genius was measured not in matters of the mind but in matters of the heart, then Varney/Ernest would top them all." When Jesus comes back-and it's going to be soon-I want to meet Mr.Varney and see that gorgeous smile he always had. Actors today should take a page from Varney's book and learn to be more respectful of themselves and their fans and clean up their acts. Jim was the only actor I looked up to and still do. "Hey, Jim, I know you're in Heaven, so save me a spot, 'how 'bout it'?"Jim was truly the best, 'KnoWhutImean?' Billy, please keep this site going. I love it!

Laura Best How did you like this site?:Love all the information and photos (though I wish they were bigger, it's really hard to see any detail in them).Any special comments?:I appreciate VERY much the work that has gone into this site to display and preserve so much information on Jim Varney. Please keep up the good work!How did you find this Web Site?:Google search on Jim VarneyWhere are you from?:South-Central AlaskaI Would Like To Hear From You?I'm finding it hard to sum up who Jim Varney was to me. I guess simple is better some times so I will just say he was and still is one of the greatest inspirations in my life. I am so elated to know that he was saved and that I will get to tell him that face-to-face one day.

Vicki Witt How did you like this site?:This is my second posting. Again I still feel great about this wonderful site that Billy Dee put together. Jim will always live in my heart. I did write a tribute to him. maybe I will be able to put iAny special comments?:Give time to others . You will see that you will be loved as Jim was and still is.How did you find this Web Site?:Seeking all I could about Jim Varney.Where are you from?:I am from the southern part of Ohio. Love it here.I Would Like To Hear From You?If ever any one would like to write me. You are surely welcome. Thank you YouknowwhatImean haha!

Nate How did you like this site?:great tribute to a great personHow did you find this Web Site?:searching for information about Jim VarneyWhere are you from?:West VirginiaI Would Like To Hear From You?kudos for having such a worthy online tribute to the man be belovedly knew best as Ernest - RIP forever thru this site Mr Varney...

Bryce How did you like this site?:greatAny special comments?:definitely -"I would like to hear from you" below -How did you find this Web Site?:googleWhere are you from?:CaliforniaI Would Like To Hear From You?I've been a Jim Varney fan for a very long time. I was very saddened when he passed. I loved his gentle, wacky humor. Every Christmas I enjoy watching what I think was the best thing Jim ever did: "Ernest Saves Christmas". To me, it is a classic and I wish I could see it included in the canon of Christmas classics that people normally think of at this time of year. I continue to enjoy Jim in the work he has left us all. Jim lives on in our hearts and our laughter.