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Ernest Movies On Blu Ray ARE HERE NOW!
NEW And Used DVD & VHS Ernest Movies!
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Ernest Goes To Camp Ernest Saves Xtmas Ernest Goes To Jail Ernest Rides Again Slam Dunk Ernest
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Ernest Scared Stupid Essential Ernest Maximum Ernest Best of Ernest! Ernest Wacky Adventures Volume 2
Standard DVD! Greatest Hits, Family Album, Your World I See It, Ernest Goes Africa And More! 3 Movies! Ernest in Army, Family Album, Your World As I See It!  9 Feature Videos. 4 Short Stories, Bloopers, 100s of Commercials! 10 HOURS OF FUN! Ernest School, Africa, Slam Duck, Family Album!
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Ernest Goes To Jail! Tree House Hostage Ernest Goes To Camp NEW Product Soon! NEW! Bill Byrge Pin! #5
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Dr. Otto - NEW! New Product Soon! Ernest Joins The Army Ernest In Africa! Hey Vern, It's Ernest
USA format! - Few In Stock! DVD! Info.VHS! OUT OF STOCK! VHS - Not In Stock! 13 Children TV Shows - DVD
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Ernest In Africa! Prod. Info. Ernest Goes To Camp! Ernest Scared Stupid!
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For ordering Ernest products outside of the U.S.A., you have to contact us and let us know what product or products you want to order. We will then get the postal and S & H charges and e-mail you back with those charges, and including the cost of your products that you ordered, and the shipping and packaging charges. You will have to have a "PAY PAL" account "before" you can order products from us. Opening and Having a Pay Pal account is free! There is no charges to open a Pay Pal account, other then paying a 2 or 3 cent fee that is taken out of your checking out by Pay Pal. When we are notified by Pay Pal that you have paid for your order and including the shipping and postal charges, (which we will provide the out of country postal charges). we will then ship out your order to you. You will have to pay for the total charges of your product order, and including the shipping and packaging fees from us before we send you the products that you ordered.
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Order Your Videos Pre-Paid!
Send money order or cashiers check, (but NO cash ). We will accept personal checks. A $35 FEE will be charged for NSF checks.
We also ship C.O.D. We Add on $7.50 to an order for C.O.D. orders. See full instructions below for getting our address and your address information, etc.
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To order by personal check, or money order or cashiers check, e-mail us, and INCLUDE the TITLE or TITLES of the movie/s, (and or other item/s). Include YOUR NAME and FULL ADDRESS, and we will e-mail you back with costs of your order. We will e-mail you and OUR ADDRESS for you to send payment. C.O.D. orders are accepted by check only. Your order will be shipped out within 24 to 48 hours after we receive payment.(See Important INSTRUCTIONS BELOW!)
- - - A fee of $35 for NSF checks! - - -
Guarantee is good for 10 days from date of receiving your order for defective standard DVD/s, or Blu Ray/s Discs, and including defective or damaged other products we sell. Please contact us through e-mail address and include all the information about product that is damaged, and what is wrong with it, etc. Please Include a copy of proof of purchase (in an attachment in your e-mail) and also include all information about the damage, and then send us the product or products. Upon receiving your product/s We will make a decision to replace or repair item or items. In the your product/s, and $5 for return shipping and packaging costs. We will repair videos (Discs and VHS Tapes that are repairable.) In cases where video or DVD or Blu Ray is damaged beyond repair, we will offer either a refund, or replace the same title (if it is in stock), and or if we can find a replacement. In cases where a CD or DVD title is no longer available, we will then refund the price paid for that CD/DVD. In the case of clothing products that are defective, (t-shirts) that we sell, those products will be replaced free of charge. Damages caused by customer negligence, and or any acts of God are not covered under our guarantee/warranty, accept for damages caused by shipping.
- Important Disc Information -
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