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Ernest Goes To Jail. Bank Scene!
Ernest On The Ladder!
Ernest And Old Soda Comm!
Ernest Falls Off Ladder and Cleaning The Toilet!
Pen Breaks In Ernest's Mouth!
Old Ice Cream TV Comm!
Machine Gun Ernest!
Old Soda TV Comm!

"Billy Dee"creator of the award winning "The Official Jim Varney Tribute & Fan Site", and World Wide. Billy Dee has 28 years in TV & Radio productions and as a talk show host and comedian. I was contacted by  DENTON ROSEan up and coming very talented comedian who had contacted John Cherry the director of the original Ernest movies. Denton informed Mr. Cherry about a young man that does a fantastic Ernest character by a new talent "Billy Crank" that he (Denton) saw on YOU TUBE. Denton explained to Mr. Cherry that the talented young man, (Billy Crank), is just like the original late Jim Varney character, Ernest P. Worrell. When John had seen Billy Crank's short videos, he was really excited and knew he had found a potential new talent, as well as Billy Crank fit the character of "Ernest P. Worrell!" I had a personal phone call with John, and he relayed to me of his excitement of Billy Crank being what he had been looking for, and for a long time. Stardom is on the horizon for Billy Crank. Billy Crank is what the Ernest fans have been waiting for and for a long time.

 Billy Crank   an up and coming NEW comedian and actor, has been seen in his comedy video shorts on YOU TUBE by OVER a million viewers.

Billy Crank The NEW Ernest!  John Cherry had been looking for a new actor to play he role of "Ernest!". The original Ernest was Jim Varney's character that he made up.  The character was and still is one of the most popular of it's kind, and still is after Jim had passed away in February of 2000. The "Ernest" movies have become a phenomenom over the past 11 years, and still growing in popularity. Many fans have written me and told me that there will never be another Ernest, and NO ONE will ever be able to fit the style and the original character and the persona of Ernest P. Worrell. After viewing Billy Crank's video shorts, (which you will see on this page),that Billy fits the original Ernest character in almost every way, as well as Billy looks so much like the original Ernest. Strange and almost unbelievable as this sounds, Billy Crank has that special Ernest type of uncanny charisma that comes very close, if not at times, almost identical to the Ernest character. many of the fans will experience the "jaw dropping experience" what I did, the first time I viewed the several short video clips of Billy Crank as Ernest P. Worrell. Billy's voice of Ernest is almost identical of the original Ernest character. The video shorts on this page are called, "screenings" or "screen tests" for the role of doing Ernest P. Worrell, which Billy had sent to John Cherry.

WHO IS BILLY CRANK?  Billy has experience in acting, but he has never been professionally schooled, (acting school). He told me that for a long time he had been acted for 4 or 5 years in a local drama group theater for some time in Kentucky where he lives. Since Billy was a child his class mates and his family often told him he was a clown, because of his always clowning around. Billy in real life is a very spontaneous, witty and a funny guy. He's a nut! Read Billy Crank's BIO (on the next web page) for information about him!

MORE ABOUT BILLY CRANK!  Billy Crank was born in Kentucky and grew up only 25 miles away from where Jim Varney had lived (Lexington, Kentucky). I can't help but think with all of Billy Crank's similarities of acting like Jim Varney's Ernest character, had always been one of Billy's favorite actors. Billy is a born again Christian, and like the late Jim Varney was, Billy too had gone through some wild times in his life, but went back to his faith in a stronger way, much like Jim Varney also had done. I am sure to say if Jim Varney were alive today to see Billy Crank's talents, and especially acting and portraying Jim's character Ernest, Jim would be thrilled and would most likely say, "this is the one that can act out my character, "Ernest". Not only does Billy Crank do a fantastic Ernest character, but most inportantly his heart is into it 100%. Bily Crank loved Jim Varney's original character "Ernest", including some of the other character that Jim had done and was well known for his famous, "Ernest P. Worrell". A close friend of Jim Varney had told me only a few weeks after I had opened my "Official Jim Varney Tribute & Fan Site", that she had visited Jim shortly before he passed away. She told me that Jim's wish and prayer is that he would not be forgotten, as well as his Ernest movies would also not be forgotten. I am excited to say, I personally believe that Billy Crank is the talented actor that can carry on with the Ernest P. Worrell Character, and especially for Jim Varney!

        I have no doubts at all with "Billy Crank" fitting the Ernest character roll fantastically. I have personally been in touch many times over the past few months getting to know Billy. Billy is just a lovable, funny, witty and caring person who loves people and has had a deep desire since he was a kid to be like Ernest! Billy Crank is just one loveable, honest and fresh new talent. He is exactly what John Cherry has been wanting and looking for, for many years, as well as all those fans who have wanted a new Ernest as well. Billy Crank is a very young Ernest, and around the same age when Jim Varney began his career in portraying his character, "Ernest P. Worrell". Jim Varney appeared in various TV commercials, and then later starred in, "Hey Vern, It's My Family Album",one of the comedy skits in a national one hour TV special. and Jim also Stared in his first Ernest movie, "Dr. Otto And The Riddle Of The Gloom Beam Machine!", and next of course, the ever popular and long time running 11 "Ernest" movies in his career.

Okay FANS, this heer is "OLE ERNEST"   a talkin to ya to from Heaaven! Menee of yu haive ben hopin fur a NEWW Ernest! Weel, ya'll gots one naow, an ah luves em too! Yesiree Jim Bob! Hmm? Ah wonders ifn wee kins naow fines a new "Rimshot fur that thar NEW Ernest, Billy Crank?" Ya'll no's who ah is talkin bout? RIMSHOT, my ole doagy, an ah shore does miss em!

        Ah weel be heppin Billy Dee ta keeps all tha FANS posted on anee an aowl up-dates on that thar NEW Ernest! Ah dont nose wens yet when there weel bee a NEW ERNEST movee comin aout, but wee aowl kin bee sure there weel bee one! Yessiree Jim Bob! Ya'll compreehendo, dejavuu? Oh! I almos furgets ta tells yall! Ah am gonna bee a haiven Billy Crank on my "Official Jim Varney Internets Rodeo Show", ah, er ah meens to say, "radeo", ya'll knownwaddamean, in tha veree neer future, an ya'll kin be spectin Billy Crank ta bee a regular talkin show guest too! HEY BILLY! I am a gonna tries ta gits my bee-hind down thar to Kentuckee ta sees ya soon! Ah hopes ya'll kin be a fixin up one of ma speshal fooooods fer mee afer thee show! Ah jes luvs ah good yummy roast mouth waterin Possum, slurp! Oh, an doan furgets tha Poke Saleed an sum grits on tha syde! Ah jes luvs that good ole daown home cookin! Yumm eeee! Ohh, an ya'll kin caowls tha clan tagether fer a ho down! Weel reelly bees haiven usins a good time! Ah almos furgets bout tha white lighnen! Lass time ma pappy gave mee sum, ah ended ups in that aout house fors a hole day! Actshuallee Pappy done stuck mees in thar untils I dun sobbered up! Ah better nots be a talkin baout that no morer! Oh, One lass thang, sorree bout ma spelinn! Ah nevers gots past thurd graade! Heh! Heh! Heh! Congadulashuns, Billy Crank! Whew! Ah dint thinks ah wood maike it thruu wryytin aowl this heer beeg words! God bless'n ya'all!

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