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So, who is Billy Crank? He's a clown and an actor. Billy and I have spent many hours on the phone, as well as through our Face Book pages and messages, and our sending photo's and video clips back and fourth to each other over the past 3 months, and we have gotten to know each closely. Billy Crank is not only a very talented person, but an extremely loving and a warm and caring person. I would say that anyone that would meet him would almost instantly feel right at home with him. Billy Crank is a Pentecostal Christian, along with perhaps hundreds of others of his family clan! Billy is truly a down home country boy. A type of person you can just sit down with and talk with him and have a warm and good old time! This is typical of many who live in Kentucky, Tenessee, Arkansas, and the other south eastern states. I know this too be true, because I had spent several months one time living in Georgia. Who knows, some day yet, I am a gonna move back down south where I have always had a warm spot in my heart for those kind of "down home country folks". Oh! about my saying that Billy is clown. He is, and he's a natural at it! In fact, I do believe if ya'll hung around with Billy fer awhile, Billy may put a clown spell on ya! And I have to say this. For those of you who are the "somber" and "reserved" type of people, well, I guarantee you, within minutes after meeting and talking to Billy Crank, guaranteed, HE WILL have you laughin your "BEE-HIND OFF! If Billy don't affect you that way, then ya'll may be dead and don't know it, ha! ha! ha! Billy is a natural funny red neck! So let's read on and get to know who Billy Crank is and what he is all about, and I am a gonna stop ratchet jawin with y'all and give Billy the floor! Hmm? Naow how kin aneeone bee a givin aneebodee a floor? That thar thought is sumthin for smart minds ta figures out! IF I don't stop talkin here, ya'll will never git to reeds bout "Billy Crank, thee NEW Ernest, or, as rumor has it, "the son of Ernest P. Worrel1! Oh, One last thing I gotta say. Billy is going to be on my "Jim Varney Internet Radio Show" and probably a few times and very soon, and you don't want to miss that!
The BIO below was written by Billy Crank and Billy Dee.
How ya'll doin, Ernest fans!
I never went to college for acting I was raised by my grandmother at the age of 7 on a horse farm my step grand father was a judge and my grandmother was a nurse, my mother she always worked and i know she loved me but had some issues my dad he stayed on the road all the time as a lead singer of a band. In 1993 1998 My best friend Travis and I made about 100 movies growing up his dad was a preacher and when we was not at church we had a camra in hand we loved it.One of The best times of my life was 1999 when my mom came and picked me up and took me to James Harrod amphitheater they had try outs for Danial Boone out door theater she had to drag me in there because i didn't think I would get a part, but im glad she did that because in between this time i got to be in a low budget movie called room 21 Armackeco pro. and got to do a doc movie for the Lexington horse park theater in Kentucky I was Starviling and Musterd seed in midnights summers dream, best 4 summers of my life! then it closed down 2004 i was soupset. After a year i was doing You tube videos and liked it. At this point in time im married with 2 step children that love church.
I was born, (at least I thinks so) Nov. 28, 1982 At James Haggin Memorial Hospital in Harrodsburg Ky., Which is 25 miles away from Lexington Ky., where Jim Vamey Lived. I had a good childhood. My parents had divorced when I was 2 only years old. Both of my parents where very much involved in my life, and I felt very loved by both my mother and father. Both of my parents remarried later on. I lived with my mother and she also remarried when I was four years old. My stepfather was very good to me. I had attended Burgin Independant School in Burgin Ky. There were only 400 kids in my school. My school had Kindergarten through High School. I grew up In Burgin Kentucky and is a very small town, I mean to tell ya, a very small town!! The typical small town that everybody knows everybody and knows everything about everybody, and does as fast as lightning! You know what I Mean! I liked school and I got along with everyone. I was the class clown all through my school years and made everyone laugh, including the teachers. I was always making up jokes and pulling pranks on everyone. My best friend was and still is Travis, and we knew each other all through school and beyond. we just hit off and were best friends all through school, from Kindegarten through High School, and to up to the present. We are just like brothers, or as "Forest Gump" would say, "Just like peas and carrots!" Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! I am fortunate to have Travis after all these years. JB who is a good and close friend of mine, Travis and JB also became good friends. JB who is older then me and we have become very close as well, over the years. Travis has an older brother Donnie, who was and still is very interested in making movies. Travis and I always looked up to JB. Travis and JB are both Christians, as well as their family is. And if I didn't mention this before, my family are also Christians, or what you call, "born again" Christian Pentecostals. We are the real excited ones that sing and shout and praise God. JB and Donnie, and another friend both inspired JB and I to start filming our own movies. JB would let us borrow his camera and we went crazy makin movies with it. Travis, who is my best and long time friend and I just loved filming and makin movies. When we weren't at church (oh! Oh!) We would be filming and making movies. I have got to add this, Travis's parents seemed like they were my second mom and dad as they were just so good to me and really liked me, and my feelings towards them were the same, and Travis and I go back as laong time budds!
In the summer of 1999 the local newspaper had a add in it announcing there was going to be auditions for The Legend Of Daniel Boone. My mother made me audition! She practically shoved me out the car door to hurry and get in and audition. She thought I would be great as a Indian because of my long dark brown but almost black hair and my dark skin tone. I fit the part as an Indian. When I went to audition I was very nervous, it was my first time auditioning for anything. I didn't think they would call me. I really didn't. Only a week after The Legend Of Daniel Boone opened they called me and said I got the part. I was so excited and nervous as well, because I knew I was going to be around and working with professional actors. Everyone was very nice to me and they accepted me like I was one of there own. I told my mom at one time, after a show "I finally found my people" even though it was only a seasonal show. The others in the act all kept in contact with each other, including me after the season ended. People from all over came to see the plays. It was a Great tourist site! I was featured along with the rest of the actors in the "Legend Of Daniel Boon" plays as a "Shawnee Indian". Sometimes I was to play the role as a good Indian and sometimes as a bad Indian. I was with the "Legend Of Daniel Boon" play for four and a half years.
While I was with the Play, I auditioned for a Low Budget movie. The producer or director of the movie came to the Legend looking for actors, and out of all of the professional actors that were in the "Legend Of Daniel Boone" he picked ME! I was so excited about this, and being able to get into other acting parts and work. The movie I was chosen to play a part in, was called, "Room 21", a very scary horror movie. Around that time of being picked for "Room 21", a theater by the name of "The Lexington Horse Park Theater" came to the theater where I was acting in the "Legend Of Daniel Boone", and they were looking for actors for a new documentary about Kentucky. I got picked again, along with five other people. The Documentary expose'a was to be shown on KET Network. I had also been asked to audition for another production called, "Sea Biscuit", but unfortunately I did not get the part. The Daniel Boone Legend Closed Down in 2004 because of lack of funds. "It was one of the best times I ever had in my life". After that, I really became depressed of not being able to keep being in the "Legend Of Daniel Boone" shows. (Special note from Billy Dee about this).
Billy told me how bad he felt one time, and that he had to keep going on with his talent, even though at that time very few opportunities were coming along. Billy started getting inlvolved with the idea of making short movies or videos. One day I started messing around on you tube and up loading some short video clips that JB and I made. Not too long after I had up loaded my comedy videos to "You Tube",I was getting a lot of people viewing my video clips. The numbers of people viewing just kept growing and increasing! Even my friends and relatives and people who knew me, were all telling me they saw me on You Tube and just loved my video clips. Well, needless to say, this really helped me to pull out of a depressed state of mind I was in, and started to build confidence in me, as well as excitement and feeling the awarness that perhaps I would make it, and make it big! I kept on making more and more video clips to up load to You Tube and over the past 10 years. During that time I had gotten married and have 2 wonderful step children and my lovely wife, and we all love going to church.
("Billy Dee talking here.) So there you have it, all about, "Billy Crank", the NEW Ernest, the son of Ernest? I can't really nail that down yet, Billy Crank being the son of Ernest. John Cherry is the only one that knows, and we will all have to wait to find out if that is TRUE or NOT! Egads, the suspense is horrible! John Cherry is the director of all of the past Ernest movies including the nationaly awarded "Hey Vern! It's Ernest, Children's Weekly TV Shows". I suppose everyone is wondering WHEN the first NEW Ernest movie will be coming out! Aha! Again, only John Cherry knows. Billy Crank will first be in a number of TV commercials in the near future. I don't know what city of state they will be shown in yet! But when I do I will announce it!
("Billy Dee talking here!") It has been 25 to 30 years (estimated) since John Cherry's last Ernest movie! I have kept the torch burning for the past soon to be 13 years with my web site! I started the "Official Jim Varney Tribute & Fan Site" in February 2000, and only a week after Jim Varney had passed away. I had never before ever made any web sites dedicated to any movie star. But after hearing the death of Jim Varney. It was 3 or 4 days after hearing that on the news, I felt a deep leading in my heart to create the Jim Varney Triute & Fan Site. It was really strange during that 3 or 4 days after hearing that Jim had passed on. I told my wife several times I have to make a web site for Jim Varney, as I had believed in my heart that Jim was afraid that he would be forgotten after he died. Incredible as that sounds, a week after my site was up on the internet, I recieved an e-mail from a long time very close friend of Jim Varney's. She had told me she had seen Jim only a few weeks or so before he had passed away, and Jim had told her that he was really worried that He would be forgotten, and his Ernest character as well. I was surprised but not shocked to hear that, as God had put that same thought and feeling on my heart for several days after Jim had died, and of course those 4 days before I had created the "Official Jim Varney Tribute & Fan Site!
("Billy Dee talking here!") During those 4 days or so, before I made the web site, I kept on thinking about other movies that are shown that are either indecent or immoral, which I would say has to be 75% or more of the movies that come out that aren't fit for children and families to watch. For years I kept contacting various movie producers and trying to get them to see that there is millions of people in our country that want clean, moral and decent and good entertaining movies! During those years, my letters fell on deaf ears. Not one movie producer or director ever returned even one letter to me with any interest at all in making a movie or movies like the Ernest kind of movies. I had heard a few years later, after my web site was up and running, that John Cherry had been searching for another actor that could do the Ernest character. Mr. Cherry had felt strongly that that the actor would fit the shoes of the beloved Jim Varney Ernest character. I promoted that actor on my site with several short video clips of him acting like Ernest, but the fans would not accept the potentional new Ernest Several years later when Denton Rose, a up coming new comedian had seen a video clip of a guy named "Billy Crank! Denton contacted John Cherry immediately and told John that this Billy Crank person was just fanastic! After that, the ball started rollng, and and John Cherry had contacted Billy Crank to do an audition on video clips. After John saw the clips, he was just so excited that he knew he had finally found the right actor to play the part of Ernest. Soon after Denton had contacted me about Billy, I had contacted Billy Crank and he sent me some video clips to watch, and to put it mildly, I was just blown away! I mean that! My jaw just dropped as I was watching his audition video clips! I knew immediately that Billy Crank WAS going to be the NEW Ernest!
I will be having Billy Crank on the "Official Jim Varney Tribute & Fan Site" very soon, and I will let everyone know a week or so before the show is aired on the Jim Varney Fan & Tribute Site. I will also be having "John Cherry" on again for another show, and in case I didn't mention this before, Mr. Cherry is the director of all the past Ernest movies, and the Ernest children's TV shows. YOU don't want to miss these interviews! Everyone can get a chance to listen to Billy Crank and get to know who he is. I am sure that the fans and even non fans that listen will find the shows both interesting and even exciting! Please be watching my main web page for up-dates about the near furute shows. And make sure to keep coming back and checkin out Billy Crank's new web page section for NEW and more up-dates! I am hoping next spring to get down to Kentucky and spend a few or several days with Billy, as well as do a few short video clips with Billy Crank for the "Official Jim Varney Tribute & Fan Site!" And keep the fan mail coming in, as Billy Crank wants to hear from the fans!