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Approximate length 45 Minutes!
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The Late Great Mark Shurilla Rock Performer And Headliner!
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February 10, 2000  JIM VARNEY PASSED AWAY.

One of America's most loved comedic actors died today of lung cancer at his home in White House, Tennessee. Jim Varney, age 50, brought laughter and joy to the hearts of America and the world for over a generation. Starring in nine "Ernest" movies, as well as performing in countless other films and TV shows. Jim Varney had a magic that connected with audiences of all ages. From the voice of Slinky Dog in "Toy Story" to local commercials in towns across America, Jim Varney had a special quality that made people feel good and touched their soul. His warm heart and gentle nature were a magnet for young and old alike. He brought joy to hospitalized and terminally ill children with personal visits which inspired them. The entire world will miss him and we thank God for allowing the talents and humor of Jim Varney to be shared with us all. Burial was in Lexington, Kentucky with a public memorial service in Nashville, Tennessee.(This report taken from a national newspaper).

       Here's Ernest at his best.

Jim Varney known as Ernest P. Worrell, is one of the funniest comedians in the past 50 or more years. He brought back slap stick style comedy at its finest. The man with a thousand funny and stupid faces made millions laugh. Below is Varney's line up of memorable side busting, tears of laughter movies and TV commercials. Jim Varney, known as Ernest P. Worrell, was one of the funniest men on the silver screen. Jim Varney's movies will live on. This is Jim Varney's only official tribute site, for you, the family, friends and fans are the ones that this site was created for.

Number 1. "Official" Jim Varney Fan & Tribute Site
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Pray For America!
Photos Of Jim Varney's Home!
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Jim Varney's Beginnings!
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Bill Byrge better known as "Bobby" in several of the "Ernest" movies, also in the award winning weekly TV children's show "Hey Vern, It's Ernest". Visit Bill Byrge's pages and see and read the articles, photo gallery, and credits. Listen to radio show interview, including a music video short!Click on Icon or Photo above!
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Fan Gallery Collection Of Ernest P. Worrell
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For those who would like to draw some nice pictures of Jim Varney, and his character role Ernest P. Worrell, we will display them on this site. Please send your original drawings to our E-Mail address, "", attention Billy Dee
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Our Site Dedication To Jim Varney
I especially dedicate this web site to the Varney family and ALL the Ernest Fans. I sincerely hope, that those that visit this site will see the genuine love and kindness demonstrated here by us, as well as by Jim's fans, and Jim's family and to Jim Varney which this site was done for, and for the love and memory of Jim Varney, well known as "Ernest P. Worrell" God bless you all! Rev. Billy Dee, Owner/Producer/Director/Entertainer,of American Moral Films Productions, of Billy Dee Enterprises.
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